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Pas de la Casa veterinarian hospital gives preference to homoeopathy and nutrition improvment for your pet. Our hospital team provides you with technical individualised advices in addition of high quality products.

This page gives a brief sum up of proposed prestations :


Our veterinary and her team provide a free counsel to our customers as far as it is not necessary to auscultate your pet. This advice aims to avoid health troubles by homoepathy and nutrition improvment.


Our veterinay is graduated from Toulouse veterinarian national school and have two diplomas of nutrition and homoeopathy. In order to reach your pet equilibrium, taking advantage of prevention, every consultation is amplified with dietetic and homoepathic advices.
Due to low taxes in Andorra, consultation cost is cheaper than in EEU.


Upon appointment only, our veterinary performs surgery on your cats and/or dog. This requieres your pet to be carried on an empty stomach between 09h30 and 10h00. You get it back by 18h00 on the same day. All operation needing an anesthesia must be dealt on the same pattern.
Due to low taxes in Andorra, consultation cost is cheaper than in EEU.


The hospital owns a large range of equipment, which allows echography, radiology, surgery, post-surgery care...Hematologic and biochimic analysis hospital capacity also allows short time results use.


Our veterinary do not provide emergency cares any more.